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A multi-skilled journalist, British national, born and raised in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia schooled in the UK. Graduated in BSc Computing from Leeds. Interested in technology and enthusiastically watched the industry evolve from a young age, from all aspects of web, gaming and infrastructure technologies.

Joined the Al Jazeera Network in 2011, based out of their Doha headquarters in Qatar at the height of the Arab Spring. Worked through the company with a variety of departments and editorial teams, running projects, experimenting and innovating with social media, interactive storytelling, broadcast technologies and studio operations. Building interactive news content for online and television, along with running Al Jazeera’s online audio operations, producing and hosting its first podcast "The Debrief”. I am a co-founding member of the award winning @ajlabs interactive, innovate R&D storytelling team.

Through my experience and relevant fields of study I have the ability to grasp most things I get my hands on, whether it’s from a technological perspective or a journalistic one. Ranging from emerging technologies to editorial uses for new content types. I have been fortunate to experience them all. Despite being multi-skilled I have the ability to hone them for the task at hand.


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